Prologue's aim is to provide global solutions, under a multi-user model , allowing the final user to access applications and data in a securised manner and using all types of connection. This type of solution is perfectly adapted for all clients requiring an IT system with a decentralised infrastructure.

3 technological fields

Prologue's technological expertise is based on 3 fields:
  • data processing (Linux, Clusters, global business solutions),
  • the transfer of and access to data (electronic data interchange, on-line declarations, on-line processing, Electronic healthcare forms),
  • data security (access control, encryption, authentification, authorisation).

Complementary services for products

Prologue also provides major services in terms of consulting and integration in line with its technological products:

  • Technology integration expertise:
    • Intranet information systems,
    • Intranet networks and security";
    • Enterprise message services,
    • Development of E-commerce sites.
  • Improved competitiveness and reduced costs,
  • Quick and easy technological evolution.

Business markets

Prologue particularly targets business markets seeking solutions with the economy, security and interconnections using the Internet as central aspects. To meet this demand, Prologue provides complete offerings including all technologies (Linux + security + data transfer/EDP).

The solutions proposed are perfectly adapted to complementary markets such as:

  • small and medium-sized companies and industries -based on Linux and EDP products,
  • The so called major client market - based on security products and data transfer,
  • The so called "delocalised" major client and SME market - based on security products and data transfer,
  • the business community market - based on security and EDP products using a commercial rental approach.

Decisive assets

Prologue has decisive assets to turn its current strategy into success, but also on a short and medium-term basis thanks to:

  • its tried and tested experience in infrastructures for multi-user environments (Windows 2000, Linux), complex technologies (message services, EDI, security, encryption, ...) and thin clients.
  • its presence in this specific market for more than twenty years (vertical markets),
  • its type of mixed commercialisation allowig for products to be sold as licences or rented (ASP).